Turkey Dedicated Servers

Our servers are housed in Turkey's first PCI-DSS Certified Server v3 Datacenter Center located in Ankara with a team of highly skilled and efficient staff looking after the infrastructure and ensuring that the servers and the network is running smoothly.

Promotional Server
CPU Chassis Hard Drive RAM Bandwidth Port Order
Intel E3-1220 (4x3.1 GHz) Dell R210 2x500GB SATA 4GB 1TB 100Mbps 78
Intel E3-1240 (4x3.3 GHz) Dell R210 2x1TB SATA 8GB 2TB 100Mbps 95
Intel E5620 (4x2.4 GHz) Dell R410 3x1TB SATA 16GB 6TB 100Mbps 140
Intel E5620 (4x2.4 GHz) Dell R710 3x140GB SAS 12GB 10TB 100Mbps 170
Regular Server
CPU Chassis Hard Drive RAM Bandwidth Port Order
Intel E3-1225v3 (4x3.2GHz) Dell T20 1TB SATA 4GB 3TB 100Mbps 63
Intel E3-1220v2 (4x3.1 GHz) Dell T110-II 500GB SATA 4GB 3TB 100Mbps 59
Intel E5-2609 (4x2.4 GHz) Dell R720 2x1TB NLSAS 16GB 3TB 100Mbps 170
Intel 2xE5-2620 (8x2.4 GHz) Dell R720 3x1TB SSD 32GB 3TB 100Mbps 280
Server Insights
Hardware: By default hardware replacement is covered in terms. We will replace damage/broken hardware at no extra cost.
Additional Upgrades
    Additional RAM
  • 2GB: $8.5/mo
  • 4GB: $12/mo
  • 8GB: $21/mo
  • 16GB: $36/mo
  • 32GB: $60/mo
  • Additional HDD
  • 1TB SATA: $6/mo
  • 146GB SAS: $8.5/mo
  • 300GB SAS: $12/mo
  • 1TB SSD: $27/mo
  • 1TB SSD PRO: $42/mo
    Additional Bandwidth Usage
  • Less than 20.95TB: $14/TB
  • Less than 41.91TB: $12/TB
  • Less than 83.82TB: $10/TB
  • Less than 167.64TB: $9/TB
  • Less than 251.46TB: $8/TB
  • Less than 335.28TB: $6/TB
  • Less than 502.91TB: $4/TB
    Additional IP Addresses
  • /29 - 5 Usable IPs: $5/mo
  • /28 - 13 Usable IPs: $8/mo
  • /27 - 29 Usable IPs: $14/mo
  • /26 - 61 Usable IPs: $25/mo
  • /25 - 125 Usable IPs: $45/mo
  • /24 - 253 Usable IPs: $80/mo
Available Operating Systems
  • CentOS 7, 6 & 5
  • Windows Server: $100/mo
  • Debian 8 & 7
  • FreeBSD 10
  • Gentoo
  • Ubuntu 12 & 14
  • Fedora
  • Slackware 14
Note: We can install your preferred OS ISO too. Just let us know.

Very friendly & efficient support, excellent up-time, server speed is good. I'm very much satisfied with their services. Thank you team 2sync! I really appreciate your services.

Yousaf Mahmood
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