About 2Sync

We are a hosting company based in Mumbai, India that opened its doors for business in the year 2014 and providing a wide variety of hosting plans. We provided servers throughout the globe and are devoted to satisfying our vision of helping people "get their presence on the internet".

Services & Specialization

We help individuals and small businesses establish their online home through a set of Shared, VPS and Dedicated Server plans. Our company's wide selection of servers with a global reach and low costs make these plans ideal for individuals and small businesses.

Our company features a number of shared hosting plans that are hosted from servers based in different countries that all run the Apache+Nginx web server for maximum performance. The plans feature varying amounts of disk space and bandwidth along with additional features including FTP accounts, databases, cPanel, Softaculous, and SEO tools. Besides these, the plans support scripting languages such as PHP, CGI, and cURL. Reseller plans, similar to shared hosting plans, are also available to customers needing to host multiple client websites or have many cPanel accounts.

Besides providing a set of shared hosting plans, our company has a set of VPS plans for customers needing additional resources. Customers getting a VPS plan get their choice of either a version of the Linux or Windows operating systems. The VPS plans also come with an amount of CPU cores, RAM, bandwidth, and hard disk space along with a faster network connection with either Xen or Hyper virtualization. Customers needing to host their website on a more powerful resource may consider dedicated server plans. Most of the dedicated server plans feature faster processors, more hard disk space, and higher (sometimes unmetered) bandwidth allowances. These plans also allow the user to install their choice of OS or choose from a set of Windows or Linux versions offered by the company.

Unlike many of our competitors, 2Sync differentiates all the plans based on the location of the server. For each country, our company presents the various plans and highlights the advantages of using a particular country's servers. For example, on the Panama shared plan, we emphasized the country's reputation for banking privacy and online anonymity.


Even though we are based in India, we have servers scattered throughout the globe. In addition to being a CloudFare partner, we have servers in Asia, Middle-East, Europe & South American countries. The datacenters are constantly monitored and feature redundant connections and network speeds up to 10 Gbps (varies depending on the datacenter) with added DDoS protections in some facilities.

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