Panama Dedicated Servers

In terms of network performance, Panama is well connected to Tier-1 networks like Global Crossing, now Level3. The latency between Panama and USA could be compared to USA coast to coast. Part of the traffic will land in NAP of the Americas (Terremark) in Florida. No taxes on foreign source income. This means that the income collected from an e-commerce website ran under a Panama corporation and a Panama server are not taxable.

CPU Hard Drive RAM Bandwidth Port Order
Intel Atom P133 (2 Cores) 120GB SSD 2GB Unmetered 100Mbps 105
Intel i5 P137 (4 Cores) 120GB SSD 4GB Unmetered 100Mbps 155
Intel i7 P141 (4 Cores 8 Threads) 120GB SSD 8GB Unmetered 100Mbps 200
Server Insights
Test IP Address:
Hardware: By default hardware replacement is covered in terms. We will replace damage/broken hardware at no extra cost.
Additional Upgrades
    Additional RAM
  • 4GB: $27/mo
  • 8GB: $45/mo
  • 12GB: $67/mo
  • 16GB: $92/mo
    Extra IP Address
  • /29 - 5 Usable IPs: $16/mo
  • /28 - 13 Usable IPs: $33/mo
  • /27 - 29 Usable IPs: $68/mo
  • /26 - 61 Usable IPs: $135/mo
  • /25 - 125 Usable IPs: $270/mo
  • /24 - 253 Usable IPs: $535/mo
  • Secondary 120GB SSD: $27/mo
  • DOSwall 2Gbps Attack Filtering: $110/mo + 50$ Setup
  • Server Management: $30/mo
Available Operating Systems
  • CentOS 5 & 6
  • Windows 2008 Standard: $30/mo
  • Debian 7
  • FreeBSD
  • Ubuntu 12 & 14
  • Fedora
Note: We can install your preferred OS ISO too. Just let us know.

Very friendly & efficient support, excellent up-time, server speed is good. I'm very much satisfied with their services. Thank you team 2sync! I really appreciate your services.

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