Poland Dedicated Servers

Our recent expansion in the Poland Datacenter is located in the north of Poland, Gdansk, Pomeranian voivodeship in the place where biggest polish telecom operators' networks meet.
We provide cloud computing services according to three fundamental service models: IaaS (dedicated servers) PasS (VPS servers, Private Cloud) and SaaS (individual solutions) models.
We also manage to offer space with redundant power supplies, air-conditioning, network and psychical protection for collocation of servers and data racks. Years of experience, high skilled & efficient technical team and customers satisfied using our data center service.

CPU Chassis Hard Drive RAM Bandwidth Port Order
Intel E3-1230 (4x3.2 GHz) HP DL120/320 1TB SATA 8GB Unmetered 100Mbps 77
Intel E3-1241 v3 (4x3.5 GHz) Supermicro 110 2x120GB SSD 8GB Unmetered 100Mbps 87
Intel E3-1241 v3 (4x3.5 GHz) Supermicro 112 2x300GB SAS 10k 16GB Unmetered 100Mbps 108
Intel E3-1241 v3 (4x3.5 GHz) Supermicro 112 2x300GB SAS 10k 16GB Unmetered 100Mbps 108
Intel E5-2640 (6x2.5GHz) HP DL360p 2x300GB SAS 10k 32GB Unmetered 100Mbps 170
Intel E5-2670 (8x2.5GHz) HP DL360p 3x240GB SSD 64GB Unmetered 100Mbps 290
Server Insights
Hardware: By default hardware replacement is covered in terms. We will replace damage/broken hardware at no extra cost.
Additional Upgrades
    Additional RAM
  • 4GB: $6/mo
  • 8GB: $12/mo
  • 12GB: $18/mo
  • 16GB: $24/mo
    Additional HDD
  • 500GB SATA: $12/mo
  • 1TB SATA: $18/mo
  • 1TB SATA: $23/mo
  • 60GB SSD: $12/mo
  • 120GB SSD: $15/mo
  • 240GB SSD: $21/mo
    Additional SAS HDD
  • 450GB SAS 15K: $26/mo
  • 600GB SAS 15K: $32/mo + 50$ Setup
  • 300GB SAS 10K: $21/mo
  • 600GB SAS 10K: $26/mo
Available Operating Systems
  • CentOS 7, 6 & 5
  • Windows Server: $100/mo
  • Debian 8 & 7
  • FreeBSD 10
  • Gentoo
  • Ubuntu 12 & 14
  • Fedora
  • Slackware 14
Note: We can install your preferred OS ISO too. Just let us know.

Very friendly & efficient support, excellent up-time, server speed is good. I'm very much satisfied with their services. Thank you team 2sync! I really appreciate your services.

Yousaf Mahmood
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